Marian G. Beddill
"None of the Three" - My Life Story
Marian G. Beddill

I reckon that I have lived a life that is interesting, in several ways, over these 81 years.

So in 2012, I finished writing my story, and you may now buy the book, None of the Three,
produced and sold by Village Books
1200 11th Street, in the Fairhaven District of Bellingham, Washington.   (360) 671-2626
and at their new store:
430 Front Street, Lynden, WA 98264    (360) 526-2133

Author reading and Q&A & signing was held at Village Books on Sept 4th, 2012 with a notable crowd.

"None of the Three"

"I am confident my parents were sure that they were doing the right thing when they tried to raise me as a Dixiecrat-Southern, hard-line Methodist, guy, but I found out early in life that I was --- None of the Three."

A snapshot of some elements of my life:

# Researcher, Consultant, Project Manager, Citizen Activist.
# Global Traveller (5 times around, lived on 2 continents, worked on 4, travelled on 5)
# Designed and implemented a project in Bangladesh which can be clearly seen from space. (How to turn a farm.)
# Made one major switch in life.
Link to my current activities

Will the book be available in electronic form (Kindle, etc)? Almost surely not. There is a small chance that a second edition might be prepared, which would have more emphasis on the gender identity equity issue, and less on my business work (which was a primary reason for the book - to let my somewhat-estranged family know about me.)
If a digital version is made, I will announce it here.
click here for book descriptor page:

(435 pages)
Retail, about $26.00
For sale at Village Books,
1200 11th Street, in the Fairhaven District of Bellingham and at their new store in Lynden. ,
If the shelf stock has been sold-out, we have to order a new print-run, that usually takes several days.)